Radio Citrus short (2013): Why cable TV will be gone in a few years

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This was an interesting radio show. I planned to make this a re-boot of Radio Citrus, or to start a new podcast of some kind. In either case, this episode was a one-off. I am not sure to file it with Radio Citrus (it didn’t have you as a caller, so it really doesn’t count as a Radio Citrus). However, I never ran it on my pirate radio transmitter (which I retired in 2009). But I’m filing it here, anyway.

The end of cable TV

I produced this podcast in October 2013. That month, Netflix officially surpassed HBO in the number of viewer/subscribers. So why is HBO the big loser, even though they have great shows?

Somebody once told HBO needed to become Netflix before Netflix could become HBO. Netflix has “House of Cards.” If you don’t consider that HBO quality, than nothing Netflix could produce will ever meet your standards. The show is entirely solid from top to bottom. So why won’t they open up HBO GO to non-cable subscribers?

Well, it has to do with HBO’s long-term marriage to cable. And it has something to do with the L.A. Dodgers, surprisingly.

Food stamp problem

How did we get to this point? Am I alone seeing half the customers in the grocery line in front of me using WIC or Food Stamp cards?

Yes, Obama ain’t great. Bush wasn’t much better. People rave about Clinton, but a lot of our crash is thanks to his Greenspan-era of total deregulation. Reagan? Carter?

I think a lot of it centers around the terrible price of houses. When a person spends half their income just on their mortgage payment, there’s no money left to spend on anything else — and the rest of the economy suffers. It’s one thing to spend $300,000 on a house at the beach … but Denver?

Even if we got rid of free trade and made unions really strong again, it’s probably not going to fix the problem. Automation is the next wave of wage-killing change. There’s not a lot of options.