Visiting a Polygamist Cult Village

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Four years ago I ventured off Interstate 15 into the rural mountains of Arizona and Utah to visit a polygamist cult.  I had seen a lot about FLDS on the news.  I finally decided to grab a camera and go see it for myself

These people live in a world dominated by a small handful of polygamist men who keep their harems of wives in submission and free from the influence of the outside world.  Even in regular Mormonism, the “world” is viewed as a realm of “worldly” ideas that distract from the life God intended.  Basically, anything that isn’t Mormon is a scapegoat and an excuse for church leaders to vilify.

But this polygamist cult is not Mormon.  It’s a far distant branch of Mormonism that is on steroids.  They take ever embarrassing hardcore Mormon belief of the past 150 years, amp it up to 11, and impose it onto the lives of women, children, and even lower-tier men.  That means “the world” is literally everybody who is not part of their polygamist cult.  They are not supposed to talk to strangers.  They are not supposed to listen to music or watch movies.  I suspect it is because outside influences and media may awaken them to a realization that they are within a cult and there is a exciting huge world awaiting them outside the borders of their town.

Walls are meant to keep outsiders out.  Insiders stay because their prison walls are within their mind.

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