A ‘total recall’ of the college newspaper

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Even the best news outlets have bad days. So you can only imagine how bad this is for my colleagues in the print journalism major. For the first time in memory, the school is mandating a “total recall” of every newspaper for shredding.

A copy of today's school paper, one of a few not destined for the shredder.
A copy of today’s school paper, one of a few not destined for the shredder.

So why are they pulling all of their papers today and are in the process of destroying them as I type? After all, it’s not often any news outlet, including the Universe, makes a blooper big enough to warrant destruction. Thankfully a student I know was able to grab a copy out of the news stand before crews came around to empty them out.


“Quorum of the Twelve Apostates” (instead of “Apostles”).

Oh… snap! That is an epic spell checker fail. Some poor copy editor is kicking himself, if professors and school administrators aren’t already kicking him.

To truly understand the magnitude of this, you have to understand that my school is populated with devout practicing Mormons. And for this crowd, apostles are held in high regard. Like, higher regard than you’d have for the President of the United States. Plus “apostate” is kind of like “infidel,” which is an icky word in religion. So add those two facts together…

I feel so badly for them. Having made plenty of mistakes of my own, I can empathize. But when I make a boo-boo it typically radiates into space and disappears forever. With print it ends up tacked on cubicle walls. Or posted to blogs.

For what it’s worth, karma will probably mean my gaffe will end up on YouTube someday.

By the way, the Universe is apologizing profusely: “In printed copies of Monday’s Daily Universe, due to a spelling error in a photo caption, the word “apostles” was replaced with a different word. The Daily Universe apologizes to the Quorum of the Twelve and our readers for the error.”