This is why I don’t work for NPR

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From time to time, a well-meaning friend will approach me and ask, “If you’ve worked so long in radio, why don’t you go work for NPR?”

Short answer: It’s boring. And hipster.

Long answer: Because in 2009, a buddy of mine produced an NPR-quality report about something. I can’t remember what it was about, nor did I bother to save a copy. But in a late-night Cheetos-fueled barrage of “creativity,” I went to great lengths to mimic his report’s NPR style and content to a point where my parody makes no sense whatsoever.

I’m really not sure what I was thinking. It’s a great cautionary lesson is humor: If the joke doesn’t make sense to the writer, it probably won’t make sense to the audience either.


Frankly, that was the only line that made me laugh. To be fair, Ford has come a long way since 2008-2009 when I originally wrote and produced this 1:41 waste of time, so the joke isn’t quite as funny.

This clip never aired on an actual radio station nor did it even make it onto one of my pirate stations. Is it perhaps my integrity? Do I really care about my work, despite evidence to the contrary, and a seemingly cavalier attitude to what I’m willing to toss onto a barely-FCC-tolerated transmitter and blast around my neighborhood?  Or am I just lazy.

But the moral of the story is, I really don’t want to work for NPR.