There’s a song for every mood…

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I was driving with my buddies about one month ago. We got talking about different stuff going on in our lives, and often found ourselves saying, “it’s kind of like [insert song lyric here]. You know?”

The more I think about it, I must agree. The flood of pop songs that I’ve swam in during my short life have tempos and rhythms which capture childhood moments. But as I’ve gotten older, and conversely had more experiences, I’m beginning to find the lyrics now connect with me in ways I never realized.

Take my buddy who seems to have pretty much had, in my opinion, the best life ever. He got awesome grades through high school. He destroyed the A.C.T. as a sophomore, which snagged him a scholarship. He met his now-wife easily in college with drama-free dating. He got accepted to law school. With a scholarship. There’s a song for his situation (or at least how I perceive his situation), too:

There’s one a song that fits my younger brother perfectly:

Just kidding, bro.

As for me? Well, it depends on my mood.

I can think of about sixty-five-million songs that fit different thoughts I’m feeling at any given time. I can’t say ’em all, as some would seem silly. Some fit my gripe at a radio industry that’s falling apart, like Tom Petty’s “The Last D.J.” Some seem appropriate when I’m feeling a bit down. Others fit a good day (the L.A. location shoot for the video helps). Some give me hope for wonderfully big dreams. Others offer a different kind of something to hope for.

Anyway, no matter how I sum it up, music is wonderful. The right song at the right time can sing to my soul. It’s just a matter of the correct lyrics at the correct time.