The greatest pirate of all was named Larry

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As you well know by now, I’m was a big fan of starting barely barely-legal pirate radio stations.  A new dorm in 2007 opened up a chance to get a new station in a better place musically than the disco-heavy, overly-retro Q95.9 FM.  This one actually had more than 5 new records, which was a big plus.

Larry was a sassy format.  And I don’t use the term “sassy” lightly, especially as I label a male name with it.

Jack FM

Ever remember those Jack FM stations that were really popular around 2005?  There seemed to be one popping up in nearly every city, including one that destroyed a famous, heritage oldies station in New York (at least temporarily).  Each featured Howard Cogan playing this smarmy “Jack FM” character, almost as if Jack wasn’t just a radio station — he was an annoying neighbor.  Jack FM personified radio.


All the full recordings of the station are long gone.  But I do have all the original sweepers (goofy recordings that go between songs), so I reconstructed a composite of what the station (approximately) sounded like.  Enjoy!