The Documentary

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Alright! Here it is! After several months work, Mark and I finished off the documentary, and we are turning it in today. Not too shabby of a requirement for a senior project, in my opinion.

The only trouble we are having is with the computer’s export function. We shot it in widescreen HD (16:9) but it keeps smashing it into standard TV (4:3). Anyway, enjoy!

3 Responses

  1. Brandon

    Well done Rob! I especially liked the cell phone segment. I could go back on the T.V. and music, but I couldn’t tell you where the nearest landline is (not to mention if I did find a landline I’d only have a handful of numbers I could dial from memory). Really makes you think.

  2. Quixotic Healer

    Nice job!

    I watched the whole thing. Great work. The landlines were the funniest (what will my grandchildren think of when I show them how to use a payphone!)

  3. Keith, Johanna, et al.

    Nice work Rob! I do have some numbers memorized, like your home number for some reason. It is still in the ol’ noggin. It’s funny to me that some of your old things I consider modern, like cds. I guess I am not getting any younger.