Strombard email 2: Plagarism

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The emails kept rolling in after my first Strombard email parody cartoon went online, so not unlike the original “Strongbad Emails” that I was ripping off, I just kept going. It was shaping up to be a very exciting 2003.

My second email was sent in from a dude in Idaho names CripsixAddicts (who must really love eating the cereal). He, or she, who wrote to complain the site was a complete rip-off of Homestar Runner.

Not true. Sure, the premise, graphics and format styles, and character roles were totally ripped off. But I went to the trouble to trace all the original characters and re-draw them by hand. I’m pretty sure that makes me owner of it. Also, the Brothers Chaps wouldn’t want to take credit for writing and voicing as poor as 2003-version me performed.

Naturally, I happily ripped everything off. And I’d do it again, as an homage to two very talented guys who created a product I love so much, its poster still hangs on my office wall to this day. But I had to let my poorly-voiced Stromard character a chance to defend his existential reason for being.


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