Stop Being a Jerk, Dude.

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What I’ve been repeating to myself all weekend.

I’d worked on a script for a ward (church) group’s play for several weeks, only to have a small incident Thursday. It appeared one of the cast members wanted to change it. Substantially. As in all my work for the past two weeks: gone.

In irritation, I resigned.

Then I realized this afternoon that as the ward photographer, I’d probably need to go and film it.

Well, I feel like an idiot. Not only is the new script better than mine, but I laughed my head off. So, with a firm admission that I’m an idiot, here’s one of the funniest amateur plays I’ve seen in a while:

For you technophiles, I don’t own a camcoder.

I filmed the video with a simple Kodak Easyshare digital camera. Then I used a Sony mini-disc recorder with Audio-Technica’s cheapest shotgun mic plugged in to snag the audio. I rolled the MD into Adobe Audition and used the “voice over compressor” function to boost the quiet parts, and I saved it to a WAV file.

I synced the video to the new audio using Windows Movie Maker and it turned out great! Sounds just as good as being there.