Steering Wheel Falling Off

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It sounds like a lame excuse, but it may mean tonight’s live show may start late or not at all.

I was driving Meinen Wunderauto when the wheel started feeling loose, almost like it was ready to fall off. Now I’m 50 miles away and trying to figure out what best to do without getting shafted by a mechanic.

Anyway, it’s still early … and I may make it back in time. But if you hear a repeat broadcast, or just the automated loop, you’ll know why.

Update: I called my favorite shady mechanic, Guido. He pulled Das Wunderauto back behind the Taco Bell on Matin Luther King Blvd., next to his horse trailer (which he calls a “mobile repair unit.”) Guido saw the airbag and got scared and told me “hey man, I don’t touch that stuff.” (Bad experience in Gulf War I, I think). I’m now trying to fix it myself. Updates coming later… stay tuned.

Update: Anybody know how to disable an airbag so it doesn’t explode?

Update: Guido’s buddy Paul gives me a 1-in-5 shot of blowing a finger off trying to fix my car, versus a 1-in-20 shot of my steering wheel falling off if I try to drive home as-is. I’m taking those odds pretty seriously since one guy walked over, wallet open, telling Paul he “likes those odds.” So I’m going to drive home. Wish me luck!

Update: If I’m ever going to do any live shows forever (or anything, for that matter), I really need to fix my car so I don’t run off the road.

So it pains me to announce that the live show will (most likely) be POSTPONED. Instead, I’ll tape a show late, late tonight which will run tomorrow night featuring your voicemails to 951-817-RANT. Make requests, gripe about Nancy Pelosi, or whatever. I’ll try to work every voicemail into the show.

5 Responses

  1. Charizard

    isnt that the kinda thing you only see in cartoons.?lol. hope u get back in good shape.

  2. Joel Peterson

    My car doesn’t have passenger or driver front airbags… Bonus??

    Hope you make it back man!

  3. DNS_Server

    Did you at least stop at Taco Bell? Dammit now I’m hungry.