Solved in 60 sec.: Unconstitutional Controversy

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When I lived in the Pacific Northwest in ’04, I remember seeing “Impeach Bush” signs all over the city.  There was no end of Constitutional violations which Mr. Bush had made.  It was clear that any free-thinking, educated liberal person would naturally support an effort to end the tyranny of the Bush family and its infringing on the constitution.

Credit:  Portland Indy Media

Then I moved away from the ocean and up into the mountains.  Here everyone is different.  It’s Republican country.  Scratch that.  It’s “conservative” country (Republicans are too liberal).  And naturally, Barack Obama is Satan himself.

Yes, it’s 2004 all over again.  Except we’ve switched parties.  Washington, Congress, and the President are all ignoring the Constitution, and blah, blah, blah … yawn.  I’ve ignored it … right up to the moment when a town near Park City did something unthinkable:

P.S.  The truth of the matter is I agree with liberal criticism of Bush and conservative criticism of Obama.  I wish the outrage was more substantial and consistent beyond flip-flopping depending if “my party” is in power.