Solved in 60 sec: Amazon Drone Conspiracy

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So 60 Minutes on CBS is already wiping egg off their faces after booking a guest who made up a bunch of stuff about Benghazi.  Seriously, it’s the exact same plot as HBO’s The Newsroom, season 2.

And now they have to deal with this embarrassment:  Taking Amazon‘s “Prime Air” delivery drone announcement seriously. It’s so ridiculous and over the top, nobody would ever believe it.

What’s that?  You believed it.  How embarrassing for you!

Well you, and CNN, and CNET, and 99% of America.  If you step away from the well-crafted public relation and 60 Minutes announcements for two seconds, common sense will return to your mind, and you will see how absolutely impossible Amazon Prime Air really is.

Or just let me sum its ridiculousness for you in 60 seconds:

P.S.  It is possible Amazon will make the drone viable.  And if they do, TacoCopter isn’t far behind.

P.P.S.:  I’m also not holding my breath for Taco Copter.