Simpsons Equals Paper

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I had a term paper due about an hour ago. I has partially forgotten about it (neglected, is a better word) until late last night. Deciding I’d better get started, I quickly realized the professor was very open-ended on what he expected. It had to:

1. Analyze media.
2. Be longer than five pages.

Being lazy, I went back to watching last week’s episode of The Simpsons. Then it hit me: make the episode into my paper!

Tada! Audio Link (or play below)

3 Responses

  1. Jenna

    Is this an April Fools’ joke, or is it real? Either way, I applaud you.

  2. Keith, Johanna, et al.

    Hey, How do you expect me to proof read this. You did want an “A”, right? My old tired eyes can’t read stuff that small. Love the idea.