Radio Citrus #8: Everyone in Florida gets shot eventually

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Second episode for the 2014 series.  And the best podcast so far, thanks to your calls and emails!

I heard this story simply too crazy to make up: a mayor was killed while still in office. Not even Diamond Joe Quimby managed to make that happen during his 26+ years as mayor of Springfield. But this was no cartoon violence. This mayor was gunned down the past week. And I was totally shocked when I heard how he was killed.

Got a lot of great calls coming in for this one. A cool dude off the California coast calls me out on my “autism calls vaccine” crap. Which I proudly defend.

A patriot-ized Canadian (guy from Alberta now living in Colorado) calls in to complain about the United States. Boo! USA! USA! USA! But yeah, I totally agree with him that it stinks having to pay $200 bucks to get your crap back into Canada after bringing it here to the states for free. I call him out on his un-Americanism. USA! USA! USA!  (Sean Hannity is so proud right now).

So any swear words start with the letter ‘Z’ or not? I ask, because a caller from L.A. phones to try me on my “no saying F-F-F-G-G-G-H-H-H-A-A-A-S-S-S words” policy.

Also on this podcast:

  • Is a JAY Z song really worth murdering someone over?
  • In the war between traffic engineers and gay rights, the traffic engineers win
  • The illegally-smuggled product you really want, but weren’t aware was available on the black market
  • Would today’s chain gum chewers have been yesterday’s chain smokers?
  • The awesome, violent verse of a popular Garth Brooks song you’ve never heard
  • A hot new ringtone that’ll make a perfect girl for your sex-offender-list friend
  • Which states are crazier than Florida?

Discussion questions for the next podcast include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Pluto may become a planet again.
    • Didn’t Rick and Morty already predict this?
    • Does Pluto really deserve to be a planet?
    • Is “Pluto” a crappy name for a cartoon dog?
    • Will Disney sue us for making fun of “Pluto” the dog?
  • There are no happy endings to the NFL.
    • Nearly all players end their careers with awful pain.
    • They end up going to jail for being hooked on drugs.
    • Should we ban football helmets and make it like rugby?
    • Should we just ban football because it’s too dangerous?
    • Should we ban football because it’s too boring? (my vote)
  • Moving on from the death of YTMND
    • Where have you moved on to?
    • What is your new creative outlet?
    • Do you reddit? Favorite subreddits?
  • Barack Obama has two years left.
    • Is he really as bad as people say he is?
    • Can you list one damn thing he’s actually done?
    • Has he made life better, or worse, for you?

Or whatever the heck you guys wanna ramble about. I ain’t picky.

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