Radio Citrus #7: Self-driving cars aren't happening

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Episode number one for the 2014 series!

The “square deal” is in effect, as we talk about why Google is scamming us with the self-driving car nonsense. Autism causes vaccines. Yeah, that’s as likely as vaccines causing autism. And your first round of calls to 323-920-9590 are rolling into the first podcast of the 2014 season. The first podcast in a year. First kinda-good podcast in two years.

Pick up the phone, or download the beta Q959fm app and dial from there, and leave for comment, confession, rant, or manifesto — and I’ll use it in the next podcast, guaranteed.

This season of Radio Citrus will continue as long as the calls do — or until I get bored. Hand your phone to your crazy/drunk friend, and let ’em ramble for five minutes. Then when they sober up, play the next podcast back to them, and watch them turn into a tomato face.

On this podcast

  • Why self-driving cars are a scam. I explain why it ain’t gonna happen.
  • John Whitecloud’s first exclusive media interview since his 2009 release from a North Korean prison.
    • How his captors forced him to watch the TV series “Friends” as torture.
    • The agony he felt every single day.
    • His gratitude to the YTMND community for securing his release.
  • The vaccines-cause-autism debate, conclusively solved.
  • Mercilessly trashing the iPhone 6’s flip-phone capability, without actually discussing it.

  1. Gnu

    I’m going to have to disagree with your assessment of never having flying drone planes. It wasn’t something I had considered, but you’re right they could right now make planes remote control like drones. Once people become acclimated to self driving cars then they’ll accept a drone aircraft that would switch to remote control emergency pilot when needed.

    I give it 15 years till truck drivers are all replaced by self driving trucks. It’ll all be downhill from there.

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