Radio Citrus #6 (2012): Why did YTMND have to die?

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It’s ironic. This podcast was the most recent one I’d produced (not counting the 2014 series) and it’s the one I had totally forgotten about. In fact, I’d produced this one in my current apartment — and I’d still forgotten about it.

At time time, we couldn’t believe it’d been three years since Radio Citrus had it’s original 2009 heyday.

We supposed the stalled-out economy makes time fly. It also astounds me how few views an Up and Coming site gets these days.

On this episode:

  • PrariedogEric10 sends a letter, for no reasonable reason
  • Raving out to Jean-Luc Picard
  • I start hanging out free Obama Phones from Obama’s stash
  • We take a heartfelt song from the credits of a Disney movie and trans-gender the crap out of it
  • Despite my “Kittens for Mittens” campaign for Romney, YTMNDers are calling in admitting they voted for Obama
  • A history of and a look at what would’ve happened if Max hadn’t bought that domain name.
  • I look at Rev. O’Grady’s favorite sites

Originally aired November 16, 2012

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