Radio Citrus #30: Official state songs are dope

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What do you we when bureaucrats come together to create official state songs?  Well, we get a piece of musical mastery that nobody ever sings or listens to — unless it’s New York.  There’s is friggin’ sweet, even if it is a bit disco inspired.

On this episode, I explain why a new J. Cole track sounds sweet in a $100 Dodge Caravan on the streets of Chicago.  I explore the shenanigans that go on inside corporate radio marketing (here’s looking at you, iHeartMedia).  And I take a look back on the death of radio jingles and DJs.  Yes, automation came for the DJ, but why does radio sound kind of stale now?  I explain why the zips, bangs, pops, and explosions all disappeared over the past ten years.

By the way, you may notice this podcast is half the length of usual.  That’s because the work required to get a podcast out is somewhat exponential, and I’m hoping I can release podcasts far more frequently if they are 30 minutes.  But hey, if you complain enough, I’ll go back to a full hour.

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