Radio Citrus #24: Fat floods threaten Donald Trump’s hairpiece

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Happy Halloween! A surprise bonus episode of Radio Citrus lets us celebrate our twenty-fourth time gathering together for an hour to get distracted while talking about semi-important issues.

I didn't make this, obviously.
I didn’t make this, obviously.

We head to Texas, not literally of course, to discuss idiots who decide to call televisions stations instead of getting out of the water. You can’t make this stuff up. On the flip side, out west is no better. A few of us (not me) find ways of taking a perfectly-nice sunny 70-degree day and turn it into a disaster. Like one dude, who managed to kill himself in a car accident and his body flew onto a freeway overhead sign. Yuck.

I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up Donald Trump. I really don’t wanna. But the summer romance was powerful and even sucked me in for a little bit in September. But I’m happy to same I’m cured.

Bogus radio interviews, a creepy decapitated Ronald McDonald statue, and fat people round out the hour (no pun intended).