Radio Citrus #23: Mopeds are totally worse than e-cigarettes

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Macklemore is so wrong. The best kind of rap music isn’t the hipster new stuff about buying clothes at Goodwill and taking them home on your moped. It’s jams about the L-B-C and how not having to use an automatic weapon makes it “a good day.” These are facts. These are easy. What isn’t so easy. What’s more complicated are vape e-cigs.


As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Radio Citrus’s academically-acclaimed expose on Surge soda, we delve into a myriad of topics, as Toby and Clever were unavailable to keep the show on track. Topics included on this show:

  • (2:01) My thoughts on Steven Colbert’s new show.
  • (4:09) How Macklemore’s moped destroys Planet Earth.
  • (9:45) Depression sucks. If you suffer from it, bro hug, man!
  • (14:50) A caller and I delve into the cloudy topic of vape smoke.
  • (34:32) I buy a burrito.
  • (44:50) We’re getting old. Personally, I blame Dr. Dre.
  • (55:09) Another reason why Family Guy is awesome.
  • (56:36) Clickbait garbage so I can finish the show and go to bed.

A huge shout out to my man in Minnesota for phoning in. We’ve aired every single one of the 70-plus calls we’ve gotten over 23 episodes. Yours is next when you hit us up with a voicemail at 323-920-9590.