Radio Citrus #5 (2009): Uncle Larry destroys a good thing we had going

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The podcast took a really dark turn when I ran out of time for a second week in a row.

The collapse of Radio Citrus, circa 2009

Unlike the “Taped Show,” the week prior, I literally phoned it in with this one. I didn’t even bother to build a complete show. Instead, I used my gravelly-smoker voice and put on the shoes of my old character “Uncle Larry,” who berated callers and was, generally, unfunny.

Years later, I look back with deep remorse. Not unlike a past, failed romance. I realize I had a good thing going, and I’d offered a lot of trust to the Radio Citrus and YTMND community. But I over-promised and then under-delivered. And in the process, destroyed a lot of the trust I’d created with the audience. Calls used to pour in! I’d get more calls in a day than I now do in a good week, with the reboot.

Perhaps some of that was the decline of YTMND. Perhaps some of it I brought on myself.

Here’s what saves the episode

There are so many great calls from you on this podcast! At least seven or eight (perhaps more). Citrus-goers from coast to coast, at various stages of sobriety. And of course, the primary showcase are the audio-driven YTMNDs, which vary from excellent to “so terrible, it’s good.” If YTMND were ever taken offline, this podcast alone could serve as a reasonably-good time capsule of the site pop culture nerds built.

Listen to the “figurative drunk/neglecting husband” of a podcast, moments before a five-year separation that just wouldn’t be the same on the other side: