Radio Citrus #4 (2009): Copyright violation party

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This is how I express myself artistically. So sue me.

Well, actually don’t sue me. I think I’ve got about nine grand in total assets, most of which is my car. Then like another nine grand in debt for school. So, basically, suing me would be pretty stupid.

About as stupid as having a “Violate a Copyright Day” live broadcast, back on October 26, 2009. Good party. We jammed to some great old school rock. Took, like, half-a-dozen of your calls and requests. Pretty light on the YTMND-related stuff.

First half-hour: 

Kick things off with a call from GaryGnu, with a request for “Goodbye Horses.” A bit of history about the 90s rock group New Radicals. We talk a dinosaur for a walk. I take a call from myself. Do a poor imitation of Barry White.


Second half-hour: 

More calls, including Eric (from a prairie?), with a dusty 1970s request for “Your Own Eyes Only.” Tim Allen, among others, destroy Gordon Lightfoot. John Whitecloud talks about partying it up “with the honeys” in Los Angeles. Charizard smashes Gillian’s Island.


Third half-hour: 

The origin of mega-sized record labels and how it is destroying the radio business. With that as a downer, we pump back up with Captain John-Luc Picard’s mega rave remix. Somebody (not me) has the guts to “absolutely” call Dr. Billy V. Koen a U. of Texas.


Fourth half-hour: 

A plea for a $10,000 donation for good radio equipment (yeah right, like anyone from our generation has that kind of scratch). Playing the “hooker boots” theme music for Charizard. More bad imitation of 80s classic soul. We change the format of Radio Citrus to classic country, which fails. And I revive the spirit of Johnny Fever and go all “WKRP” on everyone.


My intention was to draw attention to the original goal of copyrights: “To promote the creation of new works [of art].”

Instead, large media corporations and agencies have spent the past century warping the intention of copyrights into a “here’s our crack, it’s the best crack, and if you want to smoke it, or any other crack, in this neighborhood, you gotta pay us.” It’s sad.

Being “a DJ” (air quotes) is one of the ways I enjoy expressing myself artistically. I may be as poor of a painter as George W. Bush, but I shouldn’t be stopped from my effort to create new, derivative works of art using existing art as my canvas and medium.

I feel pretty safe, since only maybe 30 people listened to the live show, five years ago. I altered the original recordings to shorten the length of the music for two reasons: (1) save file space, (2) throw a bone to the RIAA and let ’em know I’m not an infringer. I’ve shortened the songs to fair use territory.

Plus its a 64 kbps MP3. If you’re really dying to hear copyrighted popular music, go to Spotify or YouTube.

Anyway, enjoy the art!

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