Radio Citrus #17: Pepper Potts wrecks Walmart for union wages

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Walmart ‘plumbing’ scam:

So, America’s biggest seller of garage-filler crap just closed five stores, citing plumbing problems. I explain why this is a totally bogus excuse for Walmart to be closing their stores and what super sinister sneaky move the company’s fat cats are up to (hint: they want to make money).

Because, when it comes right down to it, Walmart is nothing more than a gigantic vending machine. You can waltz on in at 11 o’clock at night, grab a pack of Pepsi, go through the self-check-out line, pay with card, etc. They may as well have stacked the store on its side and just let the Pepsi drop like a soda machine.


Redneck wants coastal people to drown:

Why use toilet paper, when you can just hose your butt down?

We open up the phone lines. A “hillbilly” (we suspect he isn’t real, lol Gary) explains, with very verbose and eloquent articulation, which people living on the west coast (best coast) and the east coast (worst coast) should fall into the ocean.

Of course, redneck desire aside, earthquakes pose a serious threat to California. Especially if you believe a ten-year-old NBC miniseries.


Pepper Potts is an idiot:

Because anyone who dates even a fictional version of Robert Downey, Jr. is an idiot.

Also, she appears to be crappy at budgeting her money, planning a meal that isn’t from Gelsons or Whole Foods, and is pretty shallow when it comes to politics.

In particular, she starts getting into the “equal pay for women” debate. Great. Especially from a woman worth like $17,012,432,321,953.00 dollars — who probably made that fortune from being an “attractive” female actress.

I cry: “Equal pay for ugly male actors!”

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