Radio Citrus #12: The phantom keyboard

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And, no. That is not the title of the new Star Wars VII film.

Of all the great calls that came in this week, a live jam session for a Casio keyboard. And we weren’t satisfied playing it directly, so I pulled out my ghetto DJ rig and did a little crappy live mixing. Britney Spears has never sounded better! Play her off, Keyboard Phantom!

World of Warcraft Girls

You’d think this would be nerd-vana, but it’s not. But that seems to be true about all kinds of things in life that sound great, but are a special form of torture if you get your wish. Living in Hawaii? Say hello to high crime, $5/gallon gasoline, and 45 mile per hour freeways.

I talk about the girl I got set up with in L.A. a few years back, and how something that sounds super awesome is actually weird and awkward. And the mystery girl on British prime time television who claims to be a gamer girl, but is clearly too attractive to be real. And heck, even if she is real, her standards are way, way, way too high to settle for dudes like us.

Also on this podcast:

  • From beyond the grave, the voice of Steve Jobs predicts the impending decline of Apple.
  • Of all celebrities, you really want to look like Nicki Minaj’s butt and face? Seriously. There are dozens and dozens of better choices of celebrities to idolize. But hey, it gets you onto daytime TV, right?
  • What happened to Arby’s? They used to be pretty good. Now it’s nasty. When’s the last time you ate there?
  • When you get quarantined for ebola, you miss work. Then does the CDC send you a bill for being quarantined? Because that would really ruin your life – assuming you survive.
  • It’s problematic that we call so many things “disorders.” Are they really? I prefer to look at them as talents.
  • A shout out to west side! Why the west coast is the best coast … unless you are trying to afford a middle-class lifestyle.
  • Amazon Echo sounds creepy awesome. I’m thinking about buying one, although I’m not thrilled about how much profanity to spouts out in my living room.

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