Radio Citrus #3 (2009): The terrible taped talkshow

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It’s probably the saddest of the 2009 series of Radio Citrus podcasts. And by “sad,” I really mean “still awesome!”

So, the live show lost traction, because it was impossible to coordinate 100 people’s schedules so everyone can listen. Including mine. The Friday I was planning to drive the hour back to the studio the do the live show, I got really mad at a meter maid about a parking issue.  When I told her she was a “bit challenging. Get it, lady? You’re a ‘bit challenging.’ Ha ha ha!”

It didn’t end well. I got mad at my steering wheel and broke it. It started telescoping. And my car didn’t offer telescoping steering. Long story short, the live show kind of died that day. But it did give birth to this kick-butt-awesome podcast version, which has continues, here and there, to this day.

By the way, don’t make calls to the old RANT-line phone number. It’s off the hook. And by “off the hook,” I mean “disconnected,” not “still awesome.” There’s a new number at 323-920-9590.


  • Angry calls about the lack of live show lead to a John Whitecloud entry on Wikipedia
  • A direct line to John Whitecloud in North Korea
  • Death by Pop Rocks, live on the air
  • A countdown of the top YTMNDs of the week
  • Learn the sales-oriented origins of Drunk Cosby
  • Reverend O’Grady’s sermon of tower defense.
  • A ride in Bob Wilson’s actual mid-90s Subaru Outback (which I call an AMC Pacer)

Originally aired June 23, 2009