Radio Citrus #2 (2009): John Whitecloud is in a North Korean prision

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This isn’t marinated in magic like the very first “live show” podcast was. But this tape show has its own comedic charm, including a heavy handful of great calls from you. Originally aired on May 8, 2009.

Highlights include

  • We talk with Kim Jong-Il and negotiate the release of captured journalist John Whitecloud
  • Kanye East performs Kanye West’s “Through the Wire
  • A Wikipedia prank contest in the previous podcast backfires really, really badly
  • The connection between William Shatner and the Sears Tower (hint: “Khan!”)
  • The YTMND reels in shock at the death of Billy Mays

Part one


Part two


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  1. pikachu7

    did jon ever get out of jail? i hope so. that would really suck to be there especially since its north korea

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