Pirate 2016: Utah’s Dance Beat

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I once worked for a station called “Star 96.7.”  It was run by one of my mentors, a middle-aged unmarried man by the name of Bob.  He really liked his 80s music, so he ran it on an automated loop with no DJs, few commercials (because he couldn’t sell very many), and the same two liners over and over between the songs.

Seven years ago I heard word that Bob died.  The station stayed on the air in automation for another five or six years before it finally quit working.  I figure he must have a family member or friend who kept paying the light bill.  When he died, my dreams died.  You see, I kept bugging Bob to play newer music on air.  I bugged him to be a DJ (he told everyone who asked that “no”).  Bob was a pro as saying “no.”

So, in his honor I felt like doing another pirate station — minus the pirate part.  I couldn’t be bothered to actually put the signal on FM, so I just streamed it through uStream for a few weeks to myself.

My thoughts?  Well, this certainly is one of my most-polished sounding “pirate” stations, but it lacks soul.  It feels like a Toyota Corolla.  Polished.  Refined.  Gets the job done.  But it doesn’t have the soul of my goofier, sloppier pirates like Biff FM.  I guess my instincts to create good “safe” radio from my professional experience is spilling into my home projects, for good or for bad.

You can see the station in action:


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