Oh snap! Busted!

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We all know The Office isn’t really filmed in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Deep down our subconscious minds want to believe that Michael Scott could run out the doors of the Scranton Business Park and jog over to the Steamtown Mall.

But today, the illusion died for me:

See the “no smoking” sign beside Steve Carrell’s head? Like many workplace signs, it lists the piece of legislation backing up the rule, in this case: Sec. 6404.5 of the state code.

“The Legislature finds and declares that regulation of smoking in the workplace is a matter of statewide interest and concern. It is the intent of the Legislature in enacting this section to prohibit the smoking of tobacco products in all (100 percent of) enclosed places of employment in this state, as covered by this section, thereby eliminating the need of local governments to enact workplace smoking restrictions within their respective jurisdictions.”

But which state? Did the producers look up Pennsylvania’s code?

Nope. That’s Section 6404.5 of the California state code.

  1. Rich Sanders

    wow, only you would think to look that up… lol (oh and this last episode is my new favorite I think)

    oh and you’ve been given an award, so-to-speak, come see on my blog