An ode to the terrible Ream’s grocery store

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Ream’s on Center Street is out of business.

Michael Bolton saw this terrible day when he sang:
“I could hardly believe it when I heard the news today. I had to come and get it straight from you.”

(But his chorus: “Tell me how am I supposed to live without you?” does not apply).

Center Street Ream’s: Your death is a shock but not a total surprise. I knew you would die one day. I just pictured it in my mind as something much more fantastic:
Like a car careening out of control, heading straight for frozen foods. Store managers, employees, and shoppers bravely flee the building as the car finishes off the deli and half the cash registers. Which is pretty much the entire store. Now, THAT’s a send off!
Ream’s was a weird store.  For decades it followed a weird business model where the stickered price was “at cost” and they would add 10% “profit” to your total at the register. Very strange, especially for any uninitiated shoppers.
Funeral-goers and gawkers currently pack the parking lot with more shoppers than the store has seen in the last sixty-five years.
(Given, at any Walmart parking lot there are probably more cars in motion right now)
The illegal, fire-hazard soda display that blocked your aisles is now nearly gone now.
I’ll forever miss seeing Clorox and Sandies cookies stocked aside one other…
and the non-refrigerated bottles of beer next to the applesauce….
Your shelves are now empty. Lipton broth bags to grace them no more. Perhaps you’d still be in business if your prices made the shelves empty themselves automatically.
Of course, I would’ve just settled for a mopped floor.

  1. Brandon

    Good riddance! I went to that Ream's only one time to get cheap strawberry milk. I really shouldn't have gone at night because I ended up fearing for my life (not too mention they were out of the milk). I actually locked my car doors in the parking lot! So good riddance.