Nobody calls me McChicken. Nobody!

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To me, there’s nothing more relaxing than taking a Sunday afternoon and destroying a Hollywood classic film.

This time around? Back to the Future II from the 1980s. A franchise nearly as big as Star Wars (at least in my mind). It’s about as funny as a screen door on a car:

On YouTube, users call this sort of genre a YouTube Poop.


Typically creators are fairly lazy, repeating action over and over to the guffaws of thirteen-year-olds. For more sophisticated connoisseurs, it involves manually splicing a character’s dialogue to make them say ridiculous lines.

When executed correctly, it creates a sort of surreal humor (e.g, “I know this video is fake. But a part of me truly believes Doc Brown really is a neo-Nazi”). When executed perfectly, an editor can make one normal character look totally insane, while leaving everyone else in tact — and can even add devastating splices which implies the other characters realize this formerly-normal-now-insane character is truly insane.

Here’s my previous attempt to ruin the first Back to the Future. If I did my job right, my “Biff making out with Biff” scene should give Robert Zemeckis a twinge of pain: