My Problem: Why Radio Citrus stopped production

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It may not seem like it, but I actually lose quite a bit of sleep over Radio Citrus.  I want to bring it back.  Ever since that day when the steering wheel fell off my Subaru, I got out of the habit and never got back to doing the show.

To quote Santa Claus, “I just kept putting off, and I was too embarrassed” to start it back up.

And I got busy.

The truth is, I got a small promotion: I could step inside a radio studio.  And another: I could touch the radio control board.  And another: I was in charge of behind-the-scenes producing for a national talk show (that was a bit of a jump).  And I had some bad dating experiences with some really dumb girls.  Anyway, that’s kept me really busy the last few years.

Now back in the 90s a few promotions would mean I’d be buying a house or something now.  Maybe even buying a wife and kids to go along with it, too. (Anyone know where I can order those?)  But in this economy, my two promotions mean I can finally upgrade from “renting a room” to “renting an entire (tiny) basement.”

As my radio “career” (“career” used in the same way Sandwich Artist is a “career“) progressed, and I began to producer better and better talk radio, I began to see Radio Citrus in a crappier and crappier light.  The only part of Radio Citrus I feel proud of is the enjoyment you got out of it.  Enough to leave nearly a DOZEN comments, send emails, and even leave voicemails on a phone number I no longer control because I am too cheap to pay it.

I’m willing to be embarrassed:

I want to bring Radio Citrus back, but in a better way.  There’s no point doing a 2-hour weekly radio show for a web site that’s pretty much dead.  Blessed be its name.  At my age my parents were buying houses, building careers, all that jazz.  I just can’t bring myself to create a podcast for 14-year-olds.

So if I was to start up some type of “few days a week” short podcast/show, what could we talk about?

  • Our generation is totally hosed.  At least for now.
  • Both political parties are evil.
  • Mitt Romney has hair plugs.  They’re just expensive “good ones.”
  • Barack Obama hasn’t brushed his teeth in 11 days.
  • How LIBOR is like Anson Fullerton on Burn Notice.
  • How to replace a steering wheel on a ’95 Subaru Legacy L.
Is this thing worth resurrecting, even in a more “serious” meaningful way?  Not saying the memes/YTMNDs will totally go away.  I just don’t have the stamina to produce regular YTMND shows.
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