My first serious YTMND in about a year

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It takes something pretty serious to shake me away from a busy job and life (but no wife, yet) and make a YTMND

I saw Prairie Dog Eric Funny-Internet-User post some funny nonsense from PDE12 about how YTMND is dead. I don’t disagree. But YTMND being dead is, in itself, a pretty dead joke by now. And I was feeling in a radio-making mood (which is like a baby-making mood, only less fun). So I made this crappy site.

As far as an artistic design, this site is a mild parody of the current war-like hypocrisy of the Obama administration and D.C. politicians from both sides of the aisle. They were beside themselves in 2012 with how proud they were to leave Iraq. Now that ISIS (such an unfortunate name) is taking over the region, it’s cool again for even the most pacifist Democrat to want to go to war. I really don’t have a position, but the hypocrisy is amusing. Add in 4chan’s recent popularity from the iCloud leak, and voila … my crappy site.

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    • Bob Wilson

      Really? Dude! That’s awesome.

      Okay, get your microphone out, and make a YTMND where you call me out on my crap. Act offended. Then I’ll make a response YTMND. 😀