Live Show Today!

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Howdy from the West!

I’m getting everything together for live show number two. Phone lines open starting at 9:00 Eastern Time, right here on Feel free to get a few comments in before the show, as well via the RantLine:

9 5 1 – 8 1 7 – R A N T

Playing hot hits from the RadioCitrus studios!

Coming up on tonight’s show:

  • Contest: Guess which YTMND this sound comes from.
  • Battle: Vince v. Gregory Brothers
  • Where has all the Swine Flu gone?
  • California is burning, again.
  • How long can your RadioCitrus Wikipedia entry last?

And we may even get a visit from RadioCitrus’ oldest, and dearest homie, the famous Rev. Steve O’Grady, whom we are trying to convince into buying a Slap Chop because it comes with a free Graty.


6 Responses

  1. Radio Citrus

    Howdy. I’m having some severe technical issues, and my real job has prevented me from getting the loop rolling. I’ll try to see if I can wrangle some time tonight, but I’ve got to get up at 5 AM tomorrow to take Rev. O’Grady to the airport. He’s fleeing the country.

    Charizard: E-mail me which calls you need. Thanks.

  2. Charizard

    i need recordings of the last phone calls to make some ytmnds with to premote your site.

  3. GordonFremen

    I enjoyed the show guys, keep it up – apparently I was talking over you guys while on-air, lol my apologies, I couldn’t hear you all that well!


  4. DNS_Server

    Missed the first two hours of last nights show1!! Can’t wait for the loop to start rolling. What I did manage to catch was great! lol Cosby sound board.

  5. Nightowl3090

    I’m so mad i missed last nights show!!!