Literacy with a touch of cruelty

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There wasn’t anything specifically mean about what I’d done. It’s just the venue was wrong. Or yet, maybe it was really right.

Somebody on YTMND once posted a site called, “Animal Crossing is Tragic.”  It tells a heartbreaking story about a kid whose mother was dying of cancer. In her final weeks, she played the game Animal Crossing all day long. Then she croaked. Years later this kid would log onto the game to discover his mother had left him all sorts of in-game gifts.

Animal Crossing - Box

Right there, I realized I’m hosed. I planned to spend the next to paragraphs justifying why I’m still a good person after applying my special brand of satirical magic to this heart-wrenching YTMND.  But simply writing out a short description of the site makes me feel … well, bad.

That said, odds are “Animal Crossing is Tragic” was probably created fictitiously as click bait. It’s among YTMND’s highest-viewed sites of all time. And naturally, highly-viewed sites are more likely to attract parody. And besides, doesn’t Animal Crossing automatically give players gifts to one another, even when they don’t play?

Birth of Animal Crossing Can’t Read

Thus introduces the horrible idea I had during one of my afternoon commutes. I was on the freeway, the radio barfing out Offspring rock music, when my mind gave me this horrible idea:  [Be sure to WATCH THE ORIGINAL first]