Legacy Milestone

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Wow! I guess The Mighty Subaru™ is officially an “old” car now. Over the weekend, I hit 200,000 miles. This means I’m now responsible for 25% of the car’s wear-and-tear.

Other than a few quirks, the car is still driving great. It’s been my buddy to California and back a number of times. Even survived the Pacific Coast Highway to Oregon last summer. Not too shabby! How many cars would you trust to take you along the edge of the country at 185,000+ miles? Didn’t break a sweat. The car even handled San Francisco’s hills quite well.

I was driving up to Zach and Laura’s baby’s baby blessing. I saw we were getting close to hitting the mileage, so I pulled off the road and took the frontage road. Hit 200,000 high atop Point of the Mountain. I worried it would hit it somewhere ugly – you know, like Orem’s State Street.