It’s Almost Like Somebody Dying

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And I know what that’s like.

I’ve had plenty of mentors of the years, when it’s come to my radio background. I was fortunate to have a country station morning show host (still alive) around the corner from where I grew up. I’ve worked at several other stations, and had plenty of mentors there (most still alive, too).

Among them, the late Bob Morey of K-Star. Bob explained more to me about the music mafia and taught me the old addage “how can I sell it?” He helped me understand that radio has to work hard to break even, let alone make money. Sadly he passed away last fall.

A real shame, because he’s one person I’d like to get an opinion on this:

Radio and Records (R&R) died today! A big enough story of those of us in radio broadcasting, that all-news KNX 1070 in Los Angeles ran it as breaking news. I felt chills when I heard the story.

R&R is the bible for radio. It’s the New York Times of the airwaves. The ruler by which radio stations are measured.

It’s deeply personal for me. I first got interested in radio when I discovered B98.7 was playing jingles that originally belonged to Z100 in New York City. That lead me to the jingle singing company, Reelworld. I downloaded all the demos, singing them constantly (my brother was “thrilled”). That lead me (defunct). Eventually, they would cite national stories, quoted in Radio and Records.

When I discovered R&R, I would read it every day. I don’t think a week of my life has passed by in which I haven’t stopped in at least once. And even when I was in Oregon, I will admit I checked on R&R more often than I’d admit to my mission president.

Today B98.7 has gone girly, Clear Channel has destoyed Z100, the Salt Lake Radio site has changed hands a half dozen times and is now off-line. But through the demise of many of my radio coaches, I could always rely on Radio and Records.

When I would wow my friends with radio business jabber, that wasn’t me talking. It was the latest updates from R&R.

You can see why I feel a little lost without it.

  1. Rich Sanders

    Radio and Records may be toast but R and R is still very much alive. You'll always have your best friends Rest and Relaxation, Rail Roads, and of course Reading Rainbow.