Radio Citrus #1 (2009): The original live show from May 1, 2009

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Oh boy, did I have big plans.  But life had different plans, so my dream of a weekly (or even nightly) Radio Citrus live show sort of fizzled out after about three weeks.  Plus the third show was ruined because the steering wheel began falling off my car.  But that’s another story for another post sometime.

I work in radio, by trade.  So it made sense that if the world of corporate radio was so crappy, I’d naturally take lame advice I’d get from every neighbor/uncle/roommate/barber who tell me, “Why don’t you start your own radio station?”

I’m sure it’s possible.  But with FCC spectrum auction saturation, asset bubbles, consolidation, and listener erosion it wasn’t gonna happen.(Not to mention, I don’t have $20 million dollars to buy a radio station).

It took me about five hours to prep for this episode, building all the stupid goofy elements.  And I’m thrilled to say 100+ YTMND-ers and YTMND-er girlfriends (yes, that’s a thing) tuned it.  It was a marvelous night.  And I’m thrilled to finally have a web site where I can archive* it on-demand so I can listen to it whenever I want.

And hey, you’re welcome to listen, too:

Hour One:  Introducing the live show to the world.  If in a dark alley you ran into an A.I.G. executive, a thug with a knife, and a mentally-challenged a”superhero,” who would you punch first?  Calls from the American mid-west, Canada, and Pennsylvania.


Hour Two:  With you, the Citrus listener as the electorate, the vote for the greatest YTMND public figure (fad) of all time.  I’m really happy for you, I’m a let you finish … but NEDM is the greatest YTMND fad of all time!


Hour Three:  Wrapping up the podcast with a third hour of talking about whatever.


* Being the digital pack-rat I am, I’m surprised I only have one copy of this podcast.  And, randomly, it’s missing the original music.  What the what?  I must have chopped it up for rebroadcast, or something.  I’m a bit bummed about it.