Going Too Far?

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Before I explain anything, watch this:

Watched it? Great.
Have I gone too far? Crossed a line?
I’ve been surprised to watch reactions of those I show this to. A few look at me with condescending exasperation. They’ve had to sit through way too many of these films. I blame their reluctance to say no when I shout: “Hey (name), check out my latest video.”
For them, this film simply sinks to an even lower low.
Others, like my roommate, laugh hysterically. “Dude, you’ve gotta put this on Facebook!” Given, he’s also the one who dared me to make this film (“I’ll totally give you a 5 on YouTube”). My Facebook post led to co-workers showing the video to the boss, who was polite, but was less than thrilled. Of course, he remembers a time when U.S. racial tension actually had … well, tension.
My question for you: Have I crossed a line? I intend no racism. I’m not mocking Dr. King. It’s simply a famous speech, which I take out of context.
Yet, the film causes you discomfort, doesn’t it? I ask you now: Why?

2 Responses

  1. Quixotic Healer

    I'm not offended, but I do think it crosses the line.

    I don't think it's racist, I just think it is disrespectful.

    To Dr. King (A Martyr)
    To his speech
    To the people who face/d discrimination.

    I personally would never make something like that or share it with friends, mainly because that speech is like….like the scripture of speeches, you know?

    It doesn't make me think less of you, I just don't find it funny.

    And that's my two cents. 😛