Bad chromakey: The incredible shrinking O’Grady

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This is what happens when I don’t use a green screen.

I’d just gotten a copy of Sony Vegas Jr., and I was excited to try out it’s chroma-key function. That’s the cool toy that lets a video maker (there’s no way I’m calling myself a “filmmaker”) to remove the background and replace it with something else.

To do chroma-keying correctly, I need a studio-quality green screen, with proper lighting, a good camera with excellent resolution, and the patience to manually rotoscope any details that don’t turn out correctly.

All that? Pfffft.  That’s not the ghettotastic way.

Nope, I just used the white call of my apartment complex, a cheap VGA-quality video camera, and turned to blur function on Vegas waaaaaay up.

The result is priceless (in that it’s worth no price at all):