Frowup Friday: Sorry, Ms. Michael Jackson

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It was one of those late-night ideas, that seemed funny at 2 am.

Rather than sleeping on it, and in the cold light of morning, seeing it for what it was, I made the common mistake of opening Macromedia Flash MX and building the stupid thing — and posting it, without giving it a second thought.

Introducing this week’s Frowup … “Hip Hop’s Final Tribute to Michael Jackson,” submitted to YTMND on June 26, 2009:

I see more humor in watching my A.D.D.-riddled mental journey, than I do in the actual bit:

  • I want a YTMND site that gets a lot of exposure.
  • Michael Jackson recently died, putting him as the key meme subject of the month
  • Michael Jackson had a high voice … like a lady
  • Michael Jackson had a lot of plastic surgery … like a lady
  • Michael Jackson was sensitive (probably??? who cares, it’s 2 am) … like a lady
  • Outkast had a song called “Ms. Jackson” … (haha, get it, M.J. is ‘Ms.’ Jackson, love 2 am!)
  • Outkast’s Ms. Jackson is like a tribute to M.J. the same way Diddy did that song about Tupac


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