Frowup Friday: Cosby eats Bob Dole

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I guess he could try. Dole lost in ’96, so the Secret Service won’t be chasing Cosby back to Malibu.

It was 2006, and Bill Cosby was a coast-to-coast sensation (unlike the five decades beforehand, when he was a total nobody). The good users of YTMND were no exception, posting various rehashes of fake Cosby-isms from “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons,” to a flood of kudos, fives, and site sponsorship.

In fact, I first discovered YTMND in 2006 because of Cosby. I was immediately hooked with the web site after my brother showed me this Cosby-ism. (Also this one).

Not wanting to miss out on what looked like the rip curl of a sweet, sweet internet content wave, I jumped on board with several terrible Cosby-related sites.  Up first?

Yes, this is as bad as the title and thumbnail suggest.  Cheers!