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Mi Amigos –

I’m sure you are very aware by now that Friday’s live show hasn’t been repeating. And the stream keeps quitting.

That’s because I’ve been having internet trouble. And oddly enough, it has not been Comcast’s fault this time! (I’d mention what has been causing me trouble, but a picture is worth a thousand words).

With a little bit of free time tonight, I may be able to get a 9 ET/PT night show rebroadcast lined up. I also have plans to link directly to uStream’s archive of the show, if you’d like to listen on demand.

Both of those should be up in the next few days.

The only thing holding me back is giving Rev. O’Grady a ride to the airport. It seems he needs to temporarily flee the country. Something to do with Slap Chop and a defamation law suit. (It sounded complicated).

Anyway, he wants a ride because he’s afraid the van may draw too much attention in the airport parking lot. Especially after what Bill Cosby did to the front when he backed his Hyundai Elentra into it. (Apparently Cosby rolls in style)

Don’t forget the RadioCitrus Wikipedia contest, with results coming up this Friday at 9 PM.

And west coast listeners, don’t forget to call in starting at 6 PM, as your 9 PM rebroadcast is … a re-broadcast, which means I’m not taking calls. I’m probably eating. Or swimming in my ghetto apartment complex pool.

Always looking for suggestions: radiocitrus@gmail.com


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  1. Nightowl3090

    Hey how big of a music archive do you think we have by now?