Elmo kicks his smoking habit

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It’s unlikely the phrase “Sesame Street” evokes anything but fond memories. There are dudes in their early-50s who, like you and I, watched the show as a kid, and feel deep, deep nostalgia for the peaceful, urban neighborhood street, tucked away in some fictional rent-controlled New York City burrough.  (If Sesame Street were set in Los Angeles, all the characters would’ve all moved out to Temecula

So, it was only fitting that I’d make a YouTube Poop out of a sweet, childhood memory.  May I present, “Elmo Orders Smokes for Lunch.”

The origin of this episode is from 2002, titled “Elmo Visits the Firehouse: Fire at Hooper’s Store.”

After the September 11th attacks in New York, the creators of Sesame Street wanted to produce an episode to help young children deal with grief from a traumatic event. Elmo sees a small grease fire at Hooper’s Store and Maria makes him evacuate.

It’s a much happier plot than the one I would’ve written:  Elmo fights PTSD after a small plane crashing into Hooper’s store, with the building collapsing in a fireball moments after Elmo escapes.  Oscar promotes a conspiracy theory that Alan staged the whole thing, using a drone instead of a real Cessna, so he could collect insurance money after Walmart Neighborhood Market began running Hooper’s Store out of business.

This YTP features a Muppet as Will Smith’s daughter, cameos from Roseanne Barr and Chris Rock, sarcastic advice from NYFD, and a lady from a Los Angeles radio commercial I taped in 2001.