Does Comedy Crash Credibility?

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I think yes. Cable News networks have a lot of time to fill. Twenty-four hours worth, in fact. But finding good content to fill it with is very expensive. Comedy is always cheaper than news, and both networks have sold out.

It started with Fox News. In 2007 they launched “The Half Hour News Hour.” The short-lived program featured, among it’s not-so-surprising line-up: Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

Now CNN is doing much of the same. While this bit is hilarious, it’s downright eerie to watch the same super-graphic light up “Freddie Mack” in the exact same manner it would light up a description of a breaking story.

Honestly, blurring the lines between comedy and news is entertaining (no pun intended) in the short run. But in the end it will cost CNN and Fox their credibility. MSNBC already lost theirs.