Doc Brown Fries His Brain

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I’ll say it: Back to the Future is better than Star Wars.

I say that in no means to diminish the Star Wars franchise or universe (although Back to the Future hasn’t lost its dignity in a post-2000 Lucaszilla world).  But rather, to say the film continues to shine despite showcasing a tragically now-disabled then-teenage actor, a man who played an insane taxi cab driver in the 1970s, and a vehicle that had production halted because its company’s CEO got arrested in a cocaine bust.

But I digress.  I get a bad case of winter blues each year. I suppose that’s why every February 24th, I throw one of the Back to the Future films into Sony Vegas and destroy it in classic ‘YouTube Poop’ fashion.

For 2015, I present round three: Back to the Future III: Doc Fries His Brain