Copyrights Taste Great Deep Fried

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Thanks for everyone for calling in and tuning in!

I finally got tired of copyrights. Part of why I haven’t bothered with the podcast is because I couldn’t find enough new “public domain”-ish content to justify the show.
Today, I sat in mild boredom watching cable news, when it donned on me. Perhaps it is better to ask for forgiveness, than it is permission. And tada, a new live show blasted out to a mass audience (of about 10 people).
To celebrate, I tried to violate as many copyrights as I could, mostly to send a strong, pro-First Amendment message, but mainly just to be a jerk. Record labels are like a legal cartel. Sort of like the Kennedy and Capone families in the 20’s. (Oh, and I ripped that gavel picture off some pro-Copyright web site).
The re-broadcast of the show should be airing as you read this. For updates, add “Radio Citrus” on Facebook and Twitter. Well, mostly Facebook. Twitter is for old people with Blackberries. And President Barack O’Carter. A likable, one-term president, and future humanitarian.

16 Responses

  1. Bradly

    I think you would have gotten more viewers if you didn't throw a random un advertised show after like 2 months of silence! Its crazy you got any viewers at all, sorry i had no idea it was going on!

  2. Mecahawk

    I like the idea, Radio Citrus.
    I must say though, I enjoy your typical radio show a bit better. Good to have you back. I hope the show gets a bit more regular now.

  3. Nightowl3090

    OMGZ! Site is back online??? Dude where are you.

  4. lacrossestar83


    your number has been disconnected. i still don't have it in me to delete it from speed dial number 2 yet (it would have been #1 but my phone saves that for voicemail and i can't change it)

  5. Keith

    I especially like the 'ads by google' stuck into the content offering copyright services.

  6. shizzle_dizzle

    I miss RadioCitrus 🙁 I can only hope you have found gainful employment at a legit radio station. Thanks for the good shows.