The Very Bad Health Care Bill

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I’m generally level-handed, politically.  I do learn conservative thanks to my upbringing in the Intermountain West.  I (regretfully) voted for Barack Obama in 2008, who has continued to be a disappointment as he fails to live up to the fiscal responsibility he … Continued

Fixed the Phone

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I finally decided to give up fighting Cricket Wireless over the $3/mo. picture messaging charge.  They’ve done a good job building a fortress around themselves.  (And by “fortress” I mean “out of country call center.”) This means more stupid pictures … Continued

Goodbye Smith’s

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Buildings aren’t worth getting sentimental about. But it is sad to watch the old Smith’s store at Arbor Park Center disappear this past week. This was the grocery store I went to as a 5, 10, and 15 year-old growing … Continued

Legacy Milestone

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Wow! I guess The Mighty Subaru™ is officially an “old” car now. Over the weekend, I hit 200,000 miles. This means I’m now responsible for 25% of the car’s wear-and-tear. Other than a few quirks, the car is still driving … Continued

Der schlechteste Film

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Demand for my terrible final project from German class started swamping me today. It came out of the blue. I haven’t even thought about this gem of Macromedia genius in months, possibly even years. Yet, requests started barraging me today. … Continued


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Ah, broadcast banter. The pseudo-idle, stiff, rigid chat between two anchors on television. At the station I work at, the management is lifting the ban on banter, and is now encouraging the jocks to talk with us news guys. Immediately … Continued