Greeting Marty McFly live on UStream

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Live stream has ended. Re-watch it here:

I’m dusting off our UStream channel from 2009 for the special occasion, which will be a who’s whom of hover boards, great to mediocre 80s music, a few YTMND references, etc.  I even hear the Jits may be monitoring.

Pass this flier around social media, will ya?

What: An excuse to live stream, Jennifer gets abandoned in an alley by a crazy old scientist while another old man steals a sports almanac, etc.  Seriously, though, I’ll cue up the Back to the Future II DVD so they arrive in the future the exact moment they arrive in the future.

When: Wednesday, October 22, 2015 around 4:00 PDT, maybe earlier.

Where: via our Ustream channel

Who: You, and some of your closest causal acquaintances via Twitter and stuff.

Why: Because we can’t go back to 1955 (yet) and greet Marty on the other side, now can we?

How: I dunno.  Your phone, I guess.