Bring Back the Old ‘Jazz’ Logo?

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Now, I’m by no means a “sports person,” but this sports story caught my eye:
An article in this morning’s Salt Lake Tribune proposes bringing back the old classic Utah Jazz logo on a full-time basis. The idea is that the team has pretty much imploded under the new logo, and that returning to the old one would help re-kindle some of our Utah glory.
I’m all for switching things up. I do remember back in the mid-90s I would actually watch parts of Jazz games on TV, because we had a chance to “beat the Bulls” and win the national championship. It’s probably one of the few times I ever really cared about sports. Crud, I even managed to learn most of the players’ names. Unlike today, when I can only remember “Boozer” because it would sound hilarious to say “Boozer gets DUI.”
It also could be the purple-sherbet “Utah Jazz Ice Cream” gallon my parents picked up one time, which creates this strong happy mental association to the old logo.
Anyway, my vote: Go back to the old logo!