Ban TVs, Too

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It’s time to ban TVs in cars.

I had the pleasure of following this SUV down the Point of the Mountain tonight. As I got near Thanksgiving Point I quickly found myself distracted.

They have one of those TVs mounted so the kids can become more A.D.D. and never a speck of nature ever again. After all, parents love to spend hundreds of dollars in gas so kids can see all the natural beauty America has to offer. Specifically, Spongebob re-runs.

But sarcasm aside, I digress. Tonight I found myself drifting lanes because I was trying to figure out what show this family was watching. My best guess was Finding Nemo. Or Veggie Tales. Not sure, since I haven’t ever seen it. Veggie Tales seem a bit fruity to me (pun intended).

Somebody’s gonna get in a wreck because they were watching someone else’s TV. While that’s great in bumper-to-bumper traffic, it’s really bad at 75 miles per hour. It’s distracting, dangerous, and almost as bad as those incompetant drivers who try to take cell phone photos of TVs in cars at 75 miles per hour.

  1. Stacie

    I have that problem too. I see someone drive by with a tv playing something and I’m like OoOo what are they watching? and next thing I know I’m right close to them figuring it out. :-/