Amazing Childhood Flashback

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Thanks to the users of YouTube, 1980’s filmmakers, and a healthy disregard for our out-dated copyright law, I had a wonderful trip down memory lane tonight.

I do believe this single scene shaped a good portion of my life:

What’s not to love? The chase even makes sense.

They start the high-speed chase on the collector road out of L-A-X.

That’s why it looks like a freeway.

Then at Century Blvd and La Cienga there’s the traffic light, which Claus and Claudia turn left so they can get onto the 405 freeway.

Meanwhile the old lady is going south on 405.

She misses the Century exit, flips a U-turn (which is inverted, since the on-coming traffic should be on the other side of the screen). Then the two parties meet on the 405 on-ramp off La Cienga Ave.

And check out the retro styling on that police cruiser.

Especially the speedometer.

The attention to detail is incredible, considering it’s a 1987 low-budget cartoon for children.